You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç Amazing Moment

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç Amazing Moment

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

We often look at photos of celebrities and praise their beauty. But do you often say: “You are so beautiful” to normal women who are very simple and familiar with you? Have you ever seen their reaction when receiving that compliment?

Mehmet Genç is a Turkish travel photographer who goes by the name of Rotasiz Seyyah (roughly translated as “nomad without a route”). His pictures are stunning but one project in particular will really put a smile on your face. He calls it “You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç” and the idea is simple. Genç tells the people he meets on his travels that they’re beautiful and then captures their responses on film. And as you can see from the pictures below, his subjects often react in the sweetest of ways.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç
This is Margarita, a woman selling fruit on the streets of Otavalo, Ecuador.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

Photographer coming from Turkey said women he exposed in daily life are quite shy. They did not laugh when they knew they were photographed. They said they were not beautiful.

This is Mathilda from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. When being asked to take a picture, Mathilda said she did not have any teeth, so did not make her laugh.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

However, after reading the mantra: You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç received miracles. All his amateur models brightly smiled.

This is Zarekkim comes from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, an isolated mountainous region in Colombia’s. She said only dialects, so Genc had to learn the vernacular. When receiving a beautiful compliment, Zarekkim couldn’t hide a happy smile.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

Many people said the photographer’s words are very sincere, and they make the others touched. Therefore, they can express feelings comfortably.

In the photo is Juliana, lives in the village of Cabo de la Vela in a coastal area in northern Colombia, where the desert meets the Caribbean. This region is extremely dry, has no rain for several months and Juliana applied something to the surface to protect the skin from the sun. She sold crafts and smiled happily after receiving the compliment.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

Many people after seeing the photos commented that women are most beautiful when smiling. Praise is one of the popular mantra makes them feel happy and cheerful.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

Mimba and her child, Maya are also Marubo tribe. She is quite shy. So photographer had to wait until second times, she smiled and let him take pictures.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

Altena was sitting on doorstep in Atalia do Norte, Brazil when Genc passed and photographed. In memory of the photographer, this woman is very friendly, and comfortable to take photo. When Genc Altena complimented, she laughed.

You Are So Beautiful- Mehmet Genç

Cosmita is also from Atalaia do Norte. She made Genc surprised when reacting to a beautiful compliment. “I’ve never met anyone with such lovely reaction when I say you are so beautiful.”

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