What Is Food Pyramid Definition?

What Is Food Pyramid Definition?

Some people sometimes can hear the word “food pyramid“. But they don’t have a good understanding about this. Firstly, you need to know about food pyramid definition.

food pyramid definition

So what is “food pyramid”

A pyramid-shaped diagram represents the optimal number of serving people should eat every day. It is from each of the basic food groups.
In Sweden, people published the first food pyramid in 1974. Because of the high food prices in 1972, National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden developed the idea of “basic foods”. They were cheap and nutritious, and “supplemental foods”. There are basic foods at the base divided, including milk, cheese, bread, cereals, margarine and potato, a large section of vegetables and fruit, and an apex of meat, such as meat, egg and fish. Many countries developed the food pyramids such as West Germany, Japan, Sri Lanka, USA,…

In 1992, USDA (the United States Department of Agriculture) developed the first food pyramid. They called it the “Food Guide Pyramid” with a view to preventing against obesity, chronic diseases as well as dental caries based on data. After updated in 2005, MyPlate renamed it in 2011.
The appearance of MyPlate replaced the MyPyramid guide of USDA. And it also concluded 19 years of USDA food pyramid diagrams. Although USDA food pyramid concluded, many countries in the world still use the pyramid to convey nutritional advice for their citizens.

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