What Is Vitamin C Deficiency And How To Avoid?

What Is Vitamin C Deficiency And How To Avoid?

What is vitamin C deficiency?

Vitamin C deficiency in human body happens because of a deficiency in the necessary amounts of vitamin C your body requires in your diet. While vitamin C plays an important part in forming collagen, this lack may lead to some diseases. Because many tissues in your body start to break down and the health and that can affect to repair of your body. Persistent (chronic) vitamin C deficiency can trigger off an illness known as scurvy. It usually happens over three months or more.

Vitamin C deficiency


Warning signs of Vitamin C deficiency

–          Easy Bruising

Bruising happens when the capillaries (small blood vessels near the skin’s surface) break and leak red blood cells. It is a natural and normal response to certain injuries like a fall or a knock.

–          Slow Wound Healing

Should you find that your cuts and scrapes are slow to heal, you’d better overhaul your diet. As vitamin C is necessary to the formation and maintenance of collagen in the skin- a new connective tissue that binds a healing wound, a lack will lead to slow healing.

–          Swollen, Bleeding or Inflamed Gums

Health problems related to mouths, like swollen or bleeding gums or recurrent mouth ulcers, are commonly associated with suboptimal levels of vitamin C.

–          Dry or Splitting Hair and Nails

A shiny head of hair and strong nails can often be a good indicator of a balanced diet. Likewise, a lackluster mane that is dry and splitting may highlight a problem.

Furthermore, vitamin C is vital for the absorption of iron – a deficiency of which can cause chronic hair loss and slow hair growth, along with brittle and concave nails.

–          Red, Rough or Dry Skin

One of the first signs of scurvy: rough and dry skin- can track a lack of collagen. Insufficient vitamin C are also related to the other common but harmless skin problem such as keratosis pilaris – which can be identified by such signs as the presence of small, hard bumps on the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and face.

–          Frequent Nosebleeds

The majority of nosebleeds condition stems from capillaries in the front of the nose. Because sufficient vitamin C intake reduces the weakness of these small blood vessels, a deficiency in it may cause regular nosebleeds.

–          Fatigue or Depression

These signs are such common symptoms of a lot of illness. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to identify a specific condition based on mere exhaustion. But when associated with other symptoms, a lack of vitamin C can be identified.

–          Swollen and Painful Joints

Inflammatory arthritis can cause pain and swelling of the joints, which may be another sign you need to take into consideration.

–          Poor Immune Function

The immune system works as our body’s protection mechanism against infection and disease. It is greatly affected by the intake of nutrients, specifically the vitamin C.

Several cells in our immune system require the vitamin to serve their function so naturally a deficiency can cause a weaker resistance against certain pathogens. Consuming an adequate amount of vitamin C can help you minimize the risk, severity, and duration of certain infectious diseases.


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