Top 7 UK Health And Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

Top 7 UK Health And Fitness Blogs You Should Follow

If you are facing the pressure of working and studying, or you want to lose weight, you can follow UK health and fitness blogs offering useful information. Reading posts and tips, you can enhance your knowledge about health and fitness, the process of achieving your goals can become easier. Here are 7 UK health and fitness blogs you should follow.

1. Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena is one of UK health and fitness blogs you shouldn’t miss. She achieved the best fitness blog at Vuelio Blog Awards in 2005. This award proved her ability and her passion for health and fitness. In addition to reading news related to fitness on her blog, you also can subscribe Carly Rowena’s channel on YouTube sharing about her pre-gym routines, workouts, and healthy snacks.

UK Health And Fitness Blogs

2. Lazy Girl Running

If you want to find an advice about losing weight, Lazy Girl Running is an ideal choice. Starting running at 30, Laura Fountain felt alive. Through her blog, Laura endeavors to change our definition of running. In her mind, running becomes a vehicle to move beyond our personal limitations, whether that be reducing stress or losing weight. In addition to being a blogger, she also works as a journalist specializing in the health of women as well as a UK athletics coach.

UK Health And Fitness Blogs

3. Wholeheartedly Healthy

If you are a dieter, you should follow Wholeheartedly Healthy which is known as one of famous UK health and fitness blogs. Laura Agar Wilson will share information about healthy diet. Reading her blog, you can learn how to stay thin and healthy by improving your healthy diet.

UK Health And Fitness Blogs

4. The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running

The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running is a gathering of plus-sized women who are trying their best to lose weight and stay thin. Julie Creffield will help larger women to achieve their goals through her blog. This blog will empower women to live a healthier life as well as embrace their bodies.

UK Health And Fitness Blogs

5. Zanna Van Dijk

Van Dijk is known as a blogger who is passionate about fitness. In her blog, you can read many useful tips and cardio exercises, for example, how to do park bench workouts, weight lifting. In addition to the success of her blog, Van Dijk also has her own sportswear brand and her own book.

UK Health And Fitness Blogs

6. Father Fitness

Father Fitness is a brainchild of Paul Stainthorpe. He first started writing a blog after years of living unhealthily and now he has a toned physique. In his blog, you can find everything related to health and fitness, from weight loss to exercise tips.

UK Health And Fitness Blogs

7. Lottie Murphy

In spite of being trained as a dancer, Lottie Murphy now works as a pilate instructor. She helps people to boost their awareness of having a healthy life and becoming more aligned. Her blog offers useful information about pilate exercises, organic skincare, healthy eating,…

UK Health And Fitness Blogs

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