Top 10 Most Expensive Cats

Cats are one of the most popular and closest pets to people in the world. In the US, cat is on top of the list of animals which families are having and is the 2nd closest animal (after dogs). In the world there are many different cat breeds, but below is a list of 10 most expensive cats.

1. Ashera cat

Price from 15,000 – 100,000 USD

most expensive cats

Ashera is a rare cat breed hybrid among African Serval, Asia lynx, and domestic cat. They are very intelligent, affectionate and loyal. Ashera is called “the largest domestic cat, the rarest and most exotic beauty”. They own “height” more than 1metter and have striped fur like a tiger

2. Savannah cat

Price: 1,500 – 50,000 USD

most expensive cats

No. 2 on the list of 10 most expensive cats is Savannah. Savannah cat is the result of interbreeding between Sevral wild cat with domestic cat. This breed is characterized not afraid of water and looks like a leopard. They have tall and skinny body. Although Savannah is a cat, they have the heart of a faithful dog. They are smart enough to play hide and seek with you and close to humans. That is one of the reasons why the price of these cats is so expensive.

3. Bengal cat

Price: 1,000 – 25,000 USD

most expensive cats

These cats have Zebra tiger fur which is thick, smooth and looks very impressive. Bengal cats look “aggressive”. They are the result of wild cats bred with domestic cats. However, you should not worry because purebred Bengal after 3 generations is very popular. They’re like the other felines, friendly and entertaining.

4. Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

Price: 6,000 USD

most expensive cats

Is the first feline in the world was bred to non-allergenic to humans. This is also the result of biological company Allerca created this feline on technique known as genetic isolates.

5. Persian cat

Price: 550 – 5.500USD

most expensive cats

This is the famous feline in the list of 10 most expensive cats. Persian cat has a short face, a short nose and round eyes, which make them very expressive. Persian was dubbed the “ruffled cat” because they have 2 coats with long, silky coat outside, a short coat inside.

6. Peterbald cat

Price: 1,200 – 5,000 USD

most expensive cats

Peterbald is the result of testing mate between Oriental Shorthair and Donskoy. This feline’s almost hairless and looks ugly. However, they are considered intelligent and friendly to people, get along with other pets. And of course, despite not beautiful but their price also makes you may “faint”, from 1,200 – $ 5,000.

7. Blue Russian

Price: 400 – 3.000USD

most expensive cats

Russian Blue cats are said to be very playful, curious and intelligent. They have grayish and thick fur. Naturally, these cats are very gentle, and close to the children and other pets. They like to be near the owner all day without disturbing them.

8. Sphynx cat

Price: 300 – 3,000 USD

most expensive cats

No. 8 on the list is the Sphynx (Sphinx’s name in Egyptian mythology). Sphynx cats are popular and very different, because of hairless and “wrinkled skin.” It is even called “the most horror cat in the world”. Sphynx cats look “bald” like they just came from the washing machine. But to own an ugly cat you will have to pay some money very expensive, from 300 – $ 3,000. However, contrary to the ugly appearance, Sphynx cats are very friendly and cute.

9. Scottish Fold

Price: 200 – 3.000 USD

most expensive cats

Scottish Fold breed is characterized by round big eyes. When they have just born, they have straight ears but about 3 to 4 weeks later, their ears gradually crop

10. Shorthair cat, UK

Price: 500 – 1,500 USD

most expensive cats

Feline ranked 10th in the list is British Shorthair, a short-haired breed (but thick and smooth), popular and oldest in Britain. The presence of these cats makes your life and your apartment more perfect.


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