10 Odd Jobs High Salaries In The World

10 Odd Jobs High Salaries In The World

Pretend to be patient, try to eat dog food or clean up the crime scene…are odd jobs high salaries in the world.

1. Clean septic tanks

Odd Jobs High Salaries

Obviously there is someone who takes away things hidden behind the toilet lid, although this operation is not pleasant at all. Accordingly, those who work to clean septic tanks in the US are paid about $ 50,000 per year. They both work to clean the walls and maintenance of equipment in the public toilet.

2. Try pet food

Odd Jobs High Salaries

One of Odd Jobs High Salaries is trying pet food. You don’t need to love animals to do this, but the love for food for pet is essential. Accordingly, you must have a sense of taste and hearing which balance between what pet is favorite, and do not make their owners feel uncomfortable. These workers are paid about $ 40,000 per year.

3. Diving sewer

Odd Jobs High Salaries

Get paid up to $ 150,000 per year, career immersing in the wastewater is not pleasant at all. You should have good knowledge of biology, chemistry and diving skills. Because the main task of these people are repairing the pipe or finding lost objects.

4. Clean up the scene

Odd Jobs High Salaries

Police’s task is to wipe out criminals, but they will not clean up the scene. Instead, there is professional staff responsible for this work. It means they face blood, the pieces of the body and a lot of things only found in horror films. Of course, they also deserve to be compensated with $600  per hour.

5. Try poison

Odd Jobs High Salaries

Like the emperors in old time, the leading figures of many countries such as Russia and the US still have the professional staff try food and drink for them. In particular, US workers often come from the Secret Service and are responsible for monitoring the entire process of food preparation for the presidency.

6. Cleaning up dead animals on the road

Odd Jobs High Salaries

Estimated 1.5 million deer killed by cars when crossing the road each year. Besides that, there are a lot of less fortunate animals. Therefore, there are some people who are hired specifically to collect the corpses and bury or handle according to the law of each region. They are paid about $ 25,000 per year.

7. Frog carcass disposal

Odd Jobs High Salaries

To serve the creature’s anatomy for high school students, there are many people working in the field of handling dead animals such as frogs, pigeons, cats and even pigs. These samples have been killed on the spot, embalmed and then injected the dye solution for the student can identify position of artery and vein.

8. Trial astronaut

Odd Jobs High Salaries

Starting in 2010, six Russians were locked in a spacecraft traveling within 490 days with the purpose to test whether humans could travel to Mars without being crazy or not. Specifically, they will have a trip in 250 days, 30 days to explore the Martian landscape and other 240 days to come back. That would be very lonely 520 days and even if they are not crazy, their personality will become more introverted.

9. Sell doe urine

Odd Jobs High Salaries

The hunters are very interested in doe urine packed because it can help them attract “eager” stag. Therefore, the regular deer farmers collect them and sell them to over 17 million hunters in the United States. According to calculations, a doe can “piss” out of money worth 93,000 to $ 303,000. This is really one of Odd Jobs High Salaries

10. Professional patient


Odd Jobs High Salaries

With $ 15 per hour, you will be examined repeatedly by the doctor, with or without experience. This is a professional patient job which is hired by medical schools for students learn exposure to the patient. That is, out in some way, you are the teachers.


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