Mixed Results Of Vitamin C Foods For Gout

Mixed Results Of Vitamin C Foods For Gout

Vitamin C Foods have mixed Results for Gout?

Vitamin C has the reputation for being an effective preventive for many problems ranging from cancers to the common cold. But can people prevent gout by a daily vitamin C supplement? According to some researchers, this is absolutely possible. But there are still mixed results of vitamin C foods for gout condition.

Mixed Results Of Vitamin C

Let’s find out!

For nearly 20 years, researchers conducted studies on nearly 47000 men, 1317 of whom developed indication of gout. But the risk was not equal. An excess of 500 mg vitamin C intake will raise the risk for gout by 17 percent. They found that they could reduce the risk by 45 percent when study participants consumed more than 1,500 mg of vitamin C per day.

We know that Vitamin C has the ability to protect our body against gout by reducing serum urate. That is mainly because of greater removal through the kidneys in urine. While vitamin C intake concerns a lower risk of developing gout, it is clear that vitamin C has effect among people with gout.

In a 2013 study called Arthritis & Rheumatism, a modest vitamin C dose didn’t succeed in reducing uric acid levels to a clinically remarkable degree in patients with established gout.

Of the 40 participants having gout condition, 20 patients have already taken allopurinol, a drug that stimulates the kidney to excrete uric acid. They were given an extra 500-mg dose of vitamin C daily or had the dose of allopurinol boost. The other 20 participants, not taking allopurinol, either started on allopurinol or vitamin C (500 mg/day). They analyzed blood levels of vitamin C, creatinine and uric acid at baseline and week eight.

The study found that a decrease in uric acid was remarkably less in gout patients taking vitamin C compared to those who started or increased their dose of allopurinol.


The impact of vitamin C foods for gout still needs further study, says Dr. Neogi, who didn’t take part in the study. As well as understanding if Vitamin C really does people with gout good,  the necessary dose of vitamin C to be considered  ideally effective without doing  any harms and  we also need to consider the side effects of vitamin C overdose (such as kidney stones) will also need determining.

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