5 Korean Makeup Trends You Will Wanna Try

5 Korean Makeup Trends You Will Wanna Try

In 2011, BB Cream – a product of Korea- arrived in America and has become suprisingly favourable. From this time, makeup lovers have grown obsessed with Korean beauty, from its innovative products to unconventional techniques. Korean beauty industry has been growing and making creative Korean makeup trends in the world.

1. Cushion

While BB and CC creams are still popular and widely used, a new product called cushion appears and creates a worldwide trend. Basically, a liquid foundation is contained in a sponge which is encased in a compact. Girls love it because it is easy to use, has buildable coverage, and quite foolproof. The Cushion includes a separate sponge/pad which is used to apply the product onto your face. Pressing the applicator sponge onto the foundation sponge, then you press or bounce onto your face.

Korean Makeup Trends

2. Straight Eyebrows

The second of Korean Makeup trends is straight eyebrows. American women tend to favor a bold, arched brow, but in Korea, a softer, straight eyebrow is a popular choice. All Korean girl wear straight brows because it gives them an innocent look. Some people think it is crazy but straight eyebrows is really a trend.

Korean Makeup Trends

3. Gradient Lips

In Korean Drama, actresses usually appear with gradient lips, making a trend in Asian countries. Your lips become smaller and you look younger thanks to gradient lips. All you need are a nude lipstick (or lip concealer), a lip tint and a clear gloss. After applying a nude lipstick, dot lip tint in the inner part of lips. The final step is applying a clear gloss. Even there are products having two colors on one lipstick that help you achieve the gradient lip look in one step.

Korean Makeup Trends

4. Puffy Eyes

Korean girls tend to make up aegyo sal, referring to the little bags under eyes that pop up when they smile. They believe that puffy bags under their eyes make them look younger and more playful. To recreate the look, you can use two-toned pens to create shadows and highlights under your eyes. In my opinion, this look is surprisingly cute.

Korean Makeup Trends

5. Dewy skin

Korean Makeup trends cannot without dewy skin. While American girls usually use foundation to have a matte skin, one of beauty standards in Korea is dewy skin. They maintain the view that dewy skin is healthy and young. Korean actresses often wear dewy skin on the stage and there are many products to help girls follow dewy skin trend.

Korean Makeup Trends

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