Haunted Theaters In USA Make Your Hair Stand On End

Haunted Theaters In USA Make Your Hair Stand On End

Haunted Theaters In USA make your hair stand on end

At Egyptian Theater in the Utah state, viewers often feel someone sitting next to them, whether it’s an empty seat.

1. Egyptian Theater, Park City, Utah

The first name in Haunted Theaters In USA list is Egyptian. In 1898, a fire almost burned down Park City town, including the ornate opera house. Therefore, people here built up an alternative theater and took consultation from an Egyptologist. The house was inspired from the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. In 1926, it is named Egypt theater.

Haunted Theaters In USA

Many people went to the theaters said they always felt someone sitting next to them, although it’s an empty seat. There are many strange footsteps at night, the door suddenly opened and even gruesome screams. A tourist said he had been overturned by someone but when looking back, there was no one.

2. The Silent Movie Theater, Los Angeles, California

Haunted Theaters In USA

The theater means “quiet”, but this place always makes everybody scream in fear. The first theater’s owner, John Hampton died of cancer. When the second owner- Austin Lawrence took over, he became the target to kill of a colleague. In 1997, Austin was shot in the lobby theater. It is believed that it has already been haunted by two ghosts. If Hampton owns the upper floors, Austin “dominates” the hall theaters.

3. Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Los Angeles, California

Haunted Theaters In USA

This is the place where the Oscar was held from 1944 to 1946. However, this place is famous for a different name: Victor Killian. Victor Killian is a one eye actor working in the 30s and 40s of the last century. In the 1950s, he was beaten to death by bandits. Today, it circulates a rumor that Killian ghost still roams in the front yard of the theater. Many tourists coming here said they had suddenly been slapped but looking around, no one was found.

4. Lincoln Square Theater, Decatur, Illinois

Located in the North on the main street of downtown Decatur, Lincoln Square theater opened in 1916 and fascinated the audience by the variety shows. However, it is widely rumored on a basement and a ghostly balcony. Many people believe that there are ghosts lurking in the dark corners of the theater. One of the famous ghosts is Red.

Haunted Theaters In USA

While walking on the catwalk 22 meters high, Red slipped. His ghost still haunts this place, especially the tourists going to toilet in the basement. They said that they ever hit the terrifying ghost. However, these are just rumors and not many people are interested in.

5. The Avon, Decatur, Illinois

Haunted Theaters In USA

It has begun to open to visitors since 1916. Over the years, The Avon welcomes and says good bye to a lot of people. However there are also people who don’t want to leave whether they were dead. The theater staff said, they heard a knock on the door at night. Sometimes, they felt very cold at back of his head, and then a warm breath flew into. Many people believe that is the soul of those who lived here last ages.

6. The Tampa, Florida

Tampa is also a name in Haunted Theaters In USA list. The Tampa opened in 1926, is a venue for performances and film screenings. However, nowadays, it usually takes two famous plays: Phantom of the Opera and Napoleon Winamite.

Haunted Theaters In USA

In 1965, the theater hired a man named Foster “Fink” Finkley. He had worked here for many years, and then one day they found out he had died from unknown causes. This affected many people. Many tourists coming here to visit, said they would like to meet the spirit of Finkley.

7. The Edmonds Theater, Edmonds, Washington

Haunted Theaters In USA

Another name in Haunted Theaters In USA list is The Edmonds Theater. Like the theaters above, Edmonds Theater is rumored there is existence of the mysterious phenomenon. Many travelers have said that, when the lights dim in the theater, you just close one eye you will see a person’s shadow appear. You will also see round them is a shining halo.

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