8 Useful Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

8 Useful Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

More people are tending to concern about health and fitness. It becomes easier to be exposed to information of health and fitness thanks to the development of the internet. You can broaden your horizon about health and fitness through searching on the internet. Health and fitness blog is another source which supplies many useful topics for readers. There are 8 inspiring health and fitness blogs for women.

1. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is known as a personal trainer from Adelaide and she becomes a global sensation with a famous fitness blog. If you want to transform your body, you should read her Bikini Body Guides. On her blog, you will also find useful and realistic food along with fitness advice. She shares handy tips through her blog for women around the world, for instance how to stay healthy after the holidays.

Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

2. Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni is one of fitness blogs for women with many useful workouts. Fitness expert Neghar Fonooni believes that the power of fitness helps people to have a happy life. Her positive energy will be the motivation for you to achieve a healthy habit.

Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

3. Daily Cup of Yoga

If you are interested in yoga, blog Daily Cup of Yoga is an ideal suggestion. You can find everything related to yoga on this fitness blog, from tips, tools to wisdom on yoga. Daily Cup of Yoga also reviews yoga gear, clothing and yoga books.

4. Fitness on Toast

This blog was created by Faya Nilsson, a Swedish personal trainer. This lifestyle blog covers topics of Fashion, Fitness, Nutrition and Travel. You will find detailed workouts as well as recipes to have a good healthy. The great images along with content make a strong impression attracting many readers.

Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

5. I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar is a brainchild of Sarah Wilson. As the name suggests, the blog is about eliminating sugar from your diet. Sugar has negative effects on our healthy, however, it is difficult to eliminate this from our diets. Moreover, there are many products including sugar. This blog will guide you to make a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugar intake.

Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

6. Sporteluxe

Sporteluxe is a lifestyle blog of Biana Cheah with an emphasis on health. You can enhance your knowledge thanks to a wealthy of daily posts by experts. There are also many useful tips and expert opinion.

Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

7. Workout Mommy

Lisa began her fitness blog Workout Mommy as a way to document her daily workout after becoming a mom. Her blog emphasizes being healthy and getting fit for mothers even when you have almost no time.

8. In the Gym

It is a bit different between In the Gym and the rest of fitness blogs for women. This blog focuses on workout music and playlists. If you read In the Gym, you can not take part in the gym without your iPods.

Health And Fitness Blogs For Women

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