5 Best Tips For Epcot Food & Wine Festival

5 Best Tips For Epcot Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival is one of the most popular events at Walt Disney World. If you are planning to take part in the festival, here are 5 best tips for you to get the best trip.

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

1. Make a plan

You will be surprised because of the variety of food and beverages offered at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. When you get into the park and see many enticing options, it is difficult for you to choose something. To help your budget and also not miss delicious desserts, you should make a plan before you dine.
Look at the menu of festival and make a list of your top 5 or 10.

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

2. Set a budget

Most of the items are between $3- $8.  Epcot Food & Wine Festival is a paradise of desserts so you can buy so much without worrying about your budget. To not go overbroad, you should set a sending limit at the outset. You can use debit, credit, cash cards, MagicBands (if you are staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel). Another way is you can buy a Disney Gift card with your budgeted amount on the card. The gift card is available in wristlet form and you can wear it for convenience and also nice souvenirs.

3. Avoid evenings and weekends

Many people tend to take part in the festival on the weekends. Especially, the crowds can become large on nights because of popular bands playing the Eat to the Beat concert. To avoid crowds, you can visit during the week or plan on going for lunch instead of participating during dinner hours. If you are going on the weekend, visit the World Showcase during the day or later in the evening while guests start to claim spots to see fireworks.

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

4. Try new desserts

It is a great time for visitors to taste many foods. You can try some desserts you have never heard of to have new experience instead of eating your favorite foods.

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

5. Use your Chase card benefits to enjoy the lounge

If you have a chase credit or debit card, you can enjoy the lounge in the American Adventure Pavilion. The air-conditioned lounge which offers free soft drinks is a nice place for you to cool off and relax.

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