3 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Weak

3 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Weak

3 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Weak

A young mother asked a professor: “My Child does not listen, does not like this school, what should I do?” The professor smiled: “Have you ever gone photo yet? If on the photo you see a mistake, so you’ll fix the photo or the original? “. From here we can see, the whole family as well as the copier, parents are original, and the child was a copy. Before expecting and demanding from children, you need to recognize everything from yourself in a proper way.

1. The problem you see in children is reflected problems from yourself

In a family, parents are the roots, children are flowers. If the flower has a problem, it is largely due to problems from the root. The problem that parents often see at their children, in fact, is their problem which is “blooming” on children. Your child is a mirror of you. So in essence, there is no “children problem “, only “adult issue”.

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Weak

If in your eyes, your children have matter, then who created it? The main fact is you have created the concept of a problem and reflected on your children. So, when you see your child is wrong, do not hastily accuse and “dig” that problem, look at its roots first.

For example if children cry all day, they are not docile as other children, before thinking that is because of your children, please review your and the other members’ way to take care of them, what did you do to make them like that.

2. The more your fear is, the more you require your children


One of the Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Weak is requiring too much from your children. If you are a father, mother who is always filled with anxiety and fear, then surely you will feel that your child is a “child has problem “. The more your fear is, the bigger problem of children in your eyes is. The reason is that when worrying, you will be more likely to “catch” something to create a feeling of safety. However, the controller is the brain but children are free hearts, so they are like water, very difficult to grasp. The more you want to capture, control and contain, the less you can do as you like.

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Weak

When you have more fear in life, you will require more and more from children, from which many problems in children are also up in your eyes. For example, you always worry about money, so in the process of parenting, certainly you would expect them to become people who can make more money, and if your children are not mature to that far future, you always feel your children have many deficiencies and problems in personality, health, learning … Those are prerequisite things for your children to have enough ability to earn as much money as your expectations.

Therefore, maybe the children themselves have no problem, but due to your oppression and subjective judgments, children become difficult to raise and teach.

3. When you are strong parents, your children will be strong

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Weak

Everyone has expectations that their children will have sufficient intellectual capacity. But how to achieve this desire? Let your children develop naturally. First you have to be confident, strong and self-aware father, mother. When you understand all your problems, parenting will be smarter and make your children develop a in a healthy way.

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