6 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

6 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

6 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

Get mad when children stage a sit-down, reward for children to eat… are the parents mistakes which are strengthening bad children’s behaviors.

Here are some mistakes of many parents, that make children become easy to fail, according Lifehack:

1. Trying to make children always happy

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

Life is not a fairy tale. The reality is quite harsh. It is better to prepare for children to confront with that by experience life. Certainly, we always want to have a great birthday party or give candy to children when they loses when playing with friends but this will make them feel life is pink. And then, when things are not as they want, they are easy to pessimistic, disillusioned.

So, let your children experience ups and downs in the daily activities and interactions with others. Through those, your children will learn that feelings can be hurt and the scratches while running, falling … will be healed. Those things will help them stronger in life when growing up.

2. Express anger when children stage a sit-down

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

When children are angry, if parents also express irritable, furious feelings, the situation will become more chaotic. Moreover, if doing so, you are reinforcing the bad behavior. Be calm when scolding children and explain why you don’t agree with them and what you expect from them.

If you cannot restrain yourself when your children stage a sit-down, the children can enjoy seeing parents get mad because they see it as a trophy – when they drive feelings of adults.

3. Reward for everything

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

One of the most 6 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed is rewarding for everything. Children can become familiar with the daily schedule. They’ll wake up in the morning, eat, play games and watch TV or go to school. If children refuse to eat breakfast and you reward your children something before or after eating, the next time they will not eat if you give them nothing.

So if you reward children when they do something, please explain to them that you just do that this time and hope that you continue to perform that task later times without reward.

4. Help them too much

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

In fact, it is a sign of bad parenting. Giving suggestions to help children too much might foster laziness and make them lack of motivation to strive. We cannot turn on the TV or always get toothpaste on the brush available for children because you cannot always be there with them.

In real life, there are many situations that there is no one around to rely on but yourself. The sooner you teach your children to wake up and pour water themselves when thirsty, the more likely your children to be independent and successful in the future.

5. Always let them win

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

We cannot with them all the time. If you always do everything possible for children to win, they may think that this world is created like that, which is different far from reality. When walking outside and playing with friends, experiencing failure, they will be disappointed because they’ve never been familiar with this.

In real life, there are the best and the second best things, and the second best thing does not mean bad. We should teach them not to be discouraged if them fail and keep trying instead always helping them win

6. Keep them away from conflicts

Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed

This is also one of 6 Common Mistakes Parents Make Children Failed. Shielding children from the clashes, conflicts can be a bad thing, if it is done excessively. We still should protect and guide children but finally, they need to deal with minor conflicts to become self-conscious think of other people’s feelings. Children will learn to share, play fair and treat everyone with care and understanding. These help them have better relationships with friends even when being a child or growing up.

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