5 Chinese Weird Beauty Challenges Make You Surprised

5 Chinese Weird Beauty Challenges Make You Surprised

There is a wave of beauty trends sweeping across China. Thousands of women took and posted their pictures with different challenges on social media. Let’s take a look at some Chinese weird beauty challenges recently.

1. Belly button challenge

Start appearing on China’s Weibo network on Wednesday (10/06), this challenge quickly became a movement that attracted millions of people around the world, from ordinary people to the celebrities. This is one of the Chinese weird beauty challenges. The participants need to touch the belly button by reaching behind back. If the challenge is completed, it proves that you have a good figure and health.

beauty challenges

beauty challenges
2. Holding the coin on the collarbone

Emerging from the social network Weibo, thousands of Chinese girls have published “collarbone challenge ” pictures. The challenge post claims that the more coins you hold, the better your figure is. And coins must be kept standing up as much as possible.

beauty challenges

beauty challenges

3. The A4 Waist Challenge

The challenge “measuring waist by an A4 paper” requires participants to put a sheet of A4 paper with a width of 21cm ISO up the waist. If the waist is smaller than the width of A4 paper, it means that person possesses a standard body with a slim waist.

This type of Chinese weird beauty challenges was initiated by a female artist and quickly became a fad in China online community. Social networks have flooded with the images of young people measuring waist with A4 paper to prove physique with a slim waist.

beauty challenges

beauty challenges
4. Measuring  knees with iPhone 6

Unlike the inexpensive and simple fad “Measuring waist by A4 paper”, to measure small feet, the first instrument you need is an iPhone 6. Then, place the iPhone 6 up on both knees which are close together. If the device can cover the knees, congratulations, you already own a slender and petite legs. This is such one of the most ridiculous beauty challenges!

beauty challenges

beauty challenges

5. Balancing  a coin on the wrist

Recently, the Chinese girls have thought of new ways to demonstrate such good shape after a series of former weird beauty challenges. Accordingly, women will use 1 yuan coin which has a diameter of about 25 mm, put on the wrist. If the coin surface covers the wrist, then that player deserves the “slim girl” or “skinny standards”. And those who have the opposite effect, probably they will have to lose weight.

beauty challenges

beauty challenges

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