13 Beautiful Castles In The World Look Like Fairy Tale

13 Beautiful Castles In The World Look Like Fairy Tale

We often think that after the war of independence, the US has no longer the classical castles. However, the magnificent architectures of an ancient America still exist until now, and 13 beautiful castles in the world look like fairy tale below will make you ‘lost’ in the world of kings and queens.

Although most of the ancient castles gathered in the east coast of USA, but there are several other castles scattered in other parts of the world.

1. Fonthill Castle


Beautiful Castles In The World

The archaeologist as well as the tile design Henry Chapman Mercer built this house for himself in Doylestown in mid1908 – 1912. It has 44 rooms, 200 windows, 18 fireplaces, 10 bathrooms, and especially, it is one of the earliest architectural which applies pouring concrete in place technology.

Today, the castle is in the list of national historic sites recognized by the United States along with the nearby Mercer Museum.

2. Berkeley Castle

Beautiful Castles In The World

This ancient castle located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, and was built for Colonel Samuel Taylor Suit in order to cater for his family vacation. Unfortunately, the castle is still in the stage of completion when he died in 1888. At present the castle is owned privately but sometimes it has been hired as the venue for special events.

3. Piggott Castle

Beautiful Castles In The World

Designed in the Romanesque Revival architectural style, this stunning castle is considered a US national historic. This is the only castle is found in the southwest of Portland, Oregon.

4. Castello di Amorosa

Beautiful Castles In The World

Located in the area Napa Valley in Northern California, Castello attracts glances of any traveler. But you will be more amazed by the scenic splendor of the castle as you step inside. A special feature of the castle is that it is named after grandmother of owner- V. Sattui owner died.

Under the provisions of the law in the area, the castle is not allowed to hire for a wedding or a party, but is allowed to use for corporate meetings and fundraisers.

5. Singer Castle


Beautiful Castles In The World

Heretofore, Singer Castle was known as the “Dark Island Castle”. This massive ancient architecture is near Canada, near Chippewa Bay on the outskirts of New York City. In fact, it originally belonged to Frederick Gilbert Bourne – president of the company Singer which specializes in manufacturing sewing machine.

This beautiful castle did ‘catch the eye’ of Michael Jackson. He was trying to buy it for housing, but he was rejected by the owners.

6. Biltmore Estate & grounds


Beautiful Castles In The World

In Beautiful Castles In The World, we must name Biltmore Estate & grounds. Biltmore is the largest private home in the United States, 16.622,77 m² area. It belonged to the members of the Vanderbilt family – the richest men in America in the golden age.

This impressive castle was built during 6 years from 1889 to 1895 in Asheville, North California.

7. Bannerman Castle

Beautiful Castles In The World

1900, Francis Bannerman VI bought the whole island Pollepel in the Hudson River in New York to store weapons as well as ammunition for surplus military equipment trading. From the mainland, it’s very easy to see the castle, so he advertised with a large inscription “Bannerman of Island Arsenal.”

However, today, it has no longer sumptuous splendor of a castle that was just rubble after a fire in 1969. The entire furniture and interior architecture were destroyed, only remained the external walls.

8. Druim Moir Castle

Beautiful Castles In The World

Located in Chestnut Hill, near Philadelphia, the castle was built for transport managers as well as promising businessman of railroad company Pennsylvania, Henry H. Houston. The contruction completed in 1886 and the owner was very proud when it had 30 rooms – not a small figure.

9. Hearst Castle


Beautiful Castles In The World

Located along California’s central coast, this luxury residence was built from 1919 to 1947. The boss of newspapers at the time, William Randolph Hearst, named it “La Cuesta Encantada” also as “Glamor Hill”

Unfortunately, he only began to truly appreciate and enjoy this elegant castle a few years before his death in 1951. Then it was California State Park.

10. Kimberly Crest Castle


Beautiful Castles In The World

One of the most beautiful castles in the world is Kimberly Crest. One of the pioneers to explore the land Redlands of Southern California built Kimberly. After that, in 1905, John Alfred Kimberly, co-founder paper company Kimberly-Clark, bought the house.

After that, Kimberly-Shirk Association, founded by the daughter of John before she died, had continued to make use of this land to provide tours to visitors.

11. Fort Grey

Beautiful Castles In The World

Fortress was designed and built for William Welsh Harrison, the co-owner refinery Franklin Street in 1893. Currently, it belongs to Arcadia University outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They use it as dormitories for the students.

12. Nicholas Hall


Beautiful Castles In The World

In the 1900s, Kansas State University found that the school was in the lack of a gym for students. Therefore, president of the E. R. Nichols fundraised actively for the project to build a new building.

The construction of the hall completed in 1911. Its name is the name of the former president of Nichols in recognition and honor of his contribution in building up the building. Since then, the building has undergone 2 major fires. It is the headquarters of the room as the communication, dance, theater, as well as computer science society.

13. Smithsonian Institution

Beautiful Castles In The World

Another one of the Beautiful Castles In The World is Smithsonian Institution. Smithsonian was built in the period between 1847 and 1855. Especially, they used red sandstone Seneca from nearby mines as the main material for the construction of buildings. When completed, they named it “The Castle”. Today, people use the building as offices as well as administrative agencies the information center.

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