9 Most Romantic Movies You Must Watch With Your Lover

9 Most Romantic Movies You Must Watch With Your Lover

Those most romantic movies will guide you to lessons about loyalty, jealousy, envy, sacrifice and altruism …all the feelings, emotions and things that a love need. Here are 9 most Romantic movies you must watch with your lover.

1. The notebook

Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is a romantic movie which has been mentioned most in the past decade. The film revolves around the love story between Noah and Allie- a poor worker and a rich lady. The love between them had to go through so many challenges, and then in the final moments of life, Allie and Noah feelings for each other are still almost from the beginning. This is one of the most romantic movies all time

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2. The Last Song

The Last Song is an American romantic film to be developed in parallel with the novel of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks. The plot revolves around the colorful summer of a rebellious girl Miller. In the summer of her 17 years old, Miller was sent to his father to cement the relationship between father-daughter (because her parents had divorced). It was here, she fell in love with a nice guy Will Blakelee and they actually had a summer full of pure, memorable love.

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3. 500 days of summer

500 Days of Summer is a romantic love story that is not structured according to the linear order of time. Each scene is introduced in the order of the day in recollection of protagonist of failed love affair with a girl named Summer. Writers – Scott Neustadter – said the movie was based on the true love of himself. Summer has the prototype from the girl who studied with him at the university. Experiencing terrible pain with a broken heart urged him to write the script.

Made with a budget of a mere $ 7.5 million, the film generated strong word of mouth effect after theatrical release. This romantic movie received more than $ 65 million worldwide.

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4. When Harry Met Sally

A romantic comedy revolves around the story of two characters Harry and Sally are from the first meet on the trip from Chicago University to New York to the emotional relationship between two people 12 years later in New York. If you like romantic films and usually believe in “love at first sight”, it is not right with the two main characters of When Harry Met Sally, they hated each other from the first glance. Every 5 years they met again by chance with the changes in their private life, they quarreled and fought.  Another day, when Harry was completing divorce procedures, Sally had just broken up with her boyfriend, they met again and were quickly attracted to each other.

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5. Message in a Bottle 

The movie is a romance as the fairy. It is adapted from the novel of the same name Message in a Bottle by American writer Nicholas Sparks. The message “Love Without Borders” is sent when the movie starts with the story the reporter Theresa (Robin Wright Penn) accidentally picked up a letter on the bottle washed up on the coast. Contents of the letter moved her to tears and she determined to find the writer.

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6. Dear John

Dear John was adapted from the novel of the same name of young writer Nicholas Sparks. He is famous for the works adapted into a movie. For example, The Notebook, The Last Song, A Walk To Remember, Message in A Bottle. The film is a love story between the soldier John and the beautiful college student Savannah. They accidentally met each other, fell in love. However, John must return to the army at that time. They are still in contact with each other by the letters. Time and distance are always a challenge with promises. One day, John received the letter begins with the word ” Dear John ” but ending with ” Good Bye ”.

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7. One Day

Emma Morley is a girl having a popular class background. She has always had the dream to become a writer, and has no affinity with the boys. Dexter Mayhew – a handsome rich guy is known for the field missions. They met for the first time in 1988 during the graduation ceremony of the University of Edinburgh. And then, they spent a weird but memorable night. Both agreed to meet annually to keep up to date 15/7 only for each other, to talk about the joys, sadness for the other half. However, they gradually apart just because of the junk of life, forever seeking happiness without realizing the love that exists right next to her. Of course, this is one of the most romantic movies all time.

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8. Love Actually

Love Actually is a perfect choice for you and your lover in Christmas. The film is made up of eight interesting and romantic stories and, integrated with each other to create a meaningful message about love. Love is both the cause of all the trouble, also the rope binding everyone together.

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9. The Vow

The film based on a touching true story, about the love between Paige and Leo. Small wedding in a museum is a happy ending for a beautiful love between two people. While enjoying the first day of happy married life then Paige met a tragic car accident that she lost all memory of Leo. Things become complicated when Paige came back to her ex-lover and Leo tried to win his wife’s heart. Surely, this one of the most romantic movies will be worth your time.

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