7 Foods Whiten Teeth Very Effectively For You

7 Foods Whiten Teeth Very Effectively For You

One radiant smile can help you to impress with people who meet the first time. The most important factor to have a nice smile is white teeth. Now there are many ways to improve the color of teeth such as toothpaste, mouthwash, white stripes and even expensive professional treatments. However, someone doesn’t like these methods, especially people having sensitive teeth because of some negative influences on their teeth. So they usually find the natural ways and the food is an example.

1. Carrot

Someone doesn’t like carrots. But they must think again when they know that carrots can bring many benefits. Not only do they give a glowing skin by supplying beta-carotene, but carrots also prevent tooth decay and encourage gum growth. Eating carrots is another way to get rid of pesky plaque instead of having professional treatments. Carrot is always in list of foods whiten teeth every effectively.

Foods whiten teeth

2. Cheese

A recent study by the Academy of General Dentistry showed that dairy products, especially cheese, can prevent the development of cavities and boost the pH level of your mouth. Researchers divided participants into three separate groups which had a specific dairy product, including cheddar cheese, yogurt and milk.

The group who ate the cheddar cheese was noticed that their pH levels increased quickly. It is believed that this is a direct consequence of chewing, which increases our saliva. The cheese also includes phosphorus and calcium which protect teeth from acid.

Foods whiten teeth

3. Apples

The apple is a great source for acid malic which boosts the amount of saliva your mouth produces. Eating an apple everyday can keep the dentist away. However, you need to make sure to wash down those natural sugars to reduce the chance of plaque buildup by a glass of water or brushing your teeth after eating apples.

Foods whiten teeth

4. Strawberries

Containing antioxidants and malic acid, strawberries can lift stains and correct discoloration. Adding baking soda can be even more effective. However, don’t use this method frequently if you want the acid harms your teeth.

Foods whiten teeth

5. Basil

Not only can basil fight tooth decay, but it also helps you to have a fresh breath. If you have some trouble with your smell which makes you feel unconfident, let’s try! The basil will be your lifesaver.

Foods whiten teeth

6. Broccoli

A study by the European Journal of Dentistry proved broccoli is packed with iron which avoids cavities and also slows down tooth erosion. The researchers believed that iron is a thin acid-resistant coating of hydrous iron oxide on the enamel mineral surface. You will have the sparkle teeth when you eat broccoli frequently.

Foods whiten teeth

7. Orange peel

Someone think that after eating oranges their peels are worthless. Keep calm and keep them instead of throwing away because it can bring the benefit for you. The peel is a great source of magnesium, potassium, and manganese which recharges the enamel. To achieve this effect, make sure to use the peel at least twice a week.

Foods whiten teeth

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