7 Creepy Places In The World Make Your Hair Stand On End

7 Creepy Places In The World Make Your Hair Stand On End

7 Creepy Places In The World Make Your Hair Stand On End

Spooky scene of an asylum camp or abandoned cities or catacombs filled with white bones may make your hair stand on end if you accidentally get lost here.

1. Manchac Swamp

Air overcast, the mass graves, ferocious alligator as well as the trees had ghostly shape that is characteristic Manchac swamp in Louisiana was one of the creepy places in the world.


2. Cane Hill in England

Cane Hill (Cane Hill) is a deserted madhouse long ago in Croydon, London. First opened in 1882, Cane Hill madhouse at its peak where 2,000 patients were treated for mental health. It was not until the year 1991 when the number of patient decreased, this was abandoned. While the entire staff as well as patients of the asylum moved to other places, many hospital beds and medical equipment were left behind, they are scattered all over the place and have been destroyed over the years. History and the ruins of the place turn it into a place to chillingly spooky. Indeed, it’s really creepy place in the world.

3. Bhangarh Ghost town

Bhangarh is an abandoned town in Rajasthan, India, and is a spooky place, the most frightening in this South Asian country. Additionally, legend has it that Bhangarh was originally erected to commemorate a prince in the history of India in the year 1573. However, due to incurring a curse that finally, in 1783 this place was abandoned. The ruins of the town through the years make people in the neighborhood not dare to come here, especially at dusk and dark.

4. Centralia Ghos town

In 1962, a group of firefighters had burnt the waste at a deserted mine for the purpose of cleaning up the town. Ironically, the fire was burning fiercely, spreading into every corner of the deserted mine. At the same time, the fire was spreading, scorching in the ground, beneath the streets of the town. As a result, people in town that came out of your country in droves. In fact, today, the dangers lurking all around the town of Centralia include toxic gases, split and collapsed streets …


5. The hell gates

This is a natural gas holes with a diameter of about 99 meters, has been on fire for 40 years. In 1971, during a geological expedition in the Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan, Soviet geologists were drilling underground cave containing natural gas. Concerning that toxic gas may be released from here, the geologists decided to pit on fire and that said the fire would be off for several days. However, contrary to their expectations, due to excessive gas emissions, it has been burning to this day.


6. Sanctuary of Tophet

Discovered in Tunisia, Sanctuary of Tophet contains thousands of graves of children. Moreover, according to the estimates of many scientists, they may be the victim of a brutal massacre. Especially, the children could even have been killed and eaten.

7. Ghost town of Pripyat

One of the most creepy places, spooky town in the world is Pripyat ghost town in Ukrainie. 1986 nuclear disaster caused the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to be closed and all residents in the neighborhood had to evacuate to other places, leaving behind a desolate area with death when the radiation quality radioactive still exists here.


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