6 Ways To Show Him Your Care Without Saying I Love You

6 Ways To Show Him Your Care Without Saying I Love You

One true love needs true actions rather than some sweet words such as I love you. There is no deny that saying I love you is necessary for any love, but anyone also wants real actions. Here are 6 ways to show him your care without saying I love you.

1. Touch him

It seems to be worthless but it is the funniest behavior of showing your care. For example, hold his hand, cuddle up next to him, rub your hand up and down his arm while your talk, or draw little circles on his hand. He can find the deep message of your love from simple gestures. One guy surely loves sweet actions like that instead of only saying something. He will also show his love to you by a tight hug or a passionate kiss.

Ways To Show Him Your Care

2. Be honest

Be honest is one of the most effective Ways To Show Him Your Care

He surely wants to know all things about you from your thought, your feeling, your life. He doesn’t want to be hidden or even listen some lies from you to conceal something. Being honest is not only to show your respect for him but also to remain your relationship.

If you miss him, tell him. If you have some pressures from work or family, share with him. Even you feel unsatisfied about him, let’s make a suggestion. However, you should be a clever girl with subtle worlds, not criticize violently.

Ways To Show Him Your Care

3.  Cook for him

One old adage is true in any situation: “The best way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach”. Cooking the meal is not a simple action. Moreover, this is the way to demonstrate how well you know his taste. The boy can feel your heart and your try through meals.

Don’t think so much about how it tastes because all you cook is most delicious with him.

Ways To Show Him Your Care

4. Compliment on him

You should have a habit of giving compliments on your boyfriend. Let him know you think about him as the way you would love to be seen such as a handyman, problem-solver, a provider,… For example, saying he is a strong man when he pops the lid on the far with ease.

Ways To Show Him Your Care

5. Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is also one of Ways To Show Him Your Care. He loves you and takes care of you. He more loves you if you know how to improve your health and avoid harmful things. Loving yourself is also loving him. Loving someone is not saying out loud that you love him, yet is live healthy to stand by him longer.

Ways To Show Him Your Care

6. Ask his advice

One man always wants to play an important role in your life. Asking his advice proves your trust in his judgment. He will feel useful and competent when he gives you a suggestion to solve your troubles. Asking his advice will be a useful way to show him your care.

However, don’t ask him about everything which shows your dependence and weakness. Let’s be a self-contained girl.

Ways To Show Him Your Care

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