6 Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

6 Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

6 most expensive beauty products in the world

Every girl is in hunt of perfect beauty, and beauty products appear as those powerful tools to help girls achieve this aspiration. Among the affordable ones, there are still many luxurious products that make money burn a hole in your pocket. Here are 6 most expensive beauty products in the world!

H. Couture Beauty’s Diamond Mascara & Lipstick ($14 Million)


Most Expensive Beauty Products

Couture is renowned for products featured thousands of diamonds. The most surprised product having unbelievable price is the set of mascara and lipstick. They cost up to 14 million because of 2,500 blue diamonds, 1000 of the finest Swarovski crystals, and 18 karat gold attached to mascara tube and 1,200 white diamonds inlaid on the lipstick tube. The duo holds the record for the price of beauty products in recent years.

The composition and quality of mascara, lipstick are not mentioned much. They only care about the number of diamonds on the product. This is how the rich can boast about their luxury.

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish ($250.000)

Most Expensive Beauty Products

This nail is one of the most expensive beauty products in the world. It includes 267 carat of black diamond so the price is $250.000. According to the ads, nails while being painted will sparkle like a starry night sky.

Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish ($130.740)

Most Expensive Beauty Products

Apparently, expensive bottles of nail polish are just fun for the rich ladies? Another expensive nail polish is Nail Polish Gold Rush from Models Own brand for $ 130,740. On average, nail products only cost about $ 8 but the price of this polish bottle   is 16 340 times higher because the bottle is encrusted with 1,118 diamonds. Bottle design is carefully placed in the luxurious and stylish box

Kre At Beauty Gold and Diamond Eyelashes ($1.350)

Most Expensive Beauty Products

With a price of 30 million per pair, the false eyelashes of Kre At are undoubtedly the world’s most expensive false eyelashes. The luxurious price lies in 18k gold studded with diamonds of 0.2 carats on false eyelashes. The manufacturer also promises that gold and diamond are encrusted meticulously to gives eyes the luxury and impression. Madonna paid cash for diamond false eyelashes on her stage.

Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive Cream ($1.000)

Most Expensive Beauty Products

The jar of cream to attract luxurious design and glossy black gold trim. In fact, ingredients are Retinol ACE cream jar, green tea extract and Vitamin E – the ingredients that can be found in all popular brands of cosmetics. Unlike the product of high prices based on design or valuable ingredients, this product has a high price owing to brands.

Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream ($567)

Most Expensive Beauty Products

Product not only has a luxurious design but also remains the simple blue and white tone. However, the miraculous effect of the cream will convince customers to spend $ 567 to own it. Many beauty experts have demonstrated the ability to retain moisture, rejuvenate the skin, especially to improve and eliminate the wrinkles on her face.


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