5 Winter Destinations For People Not Afraid Of The Cold

5 Winter Destinations For People Not Afraid Of The Cold

5 Winter Destinations For People Not Afraid Of The Cold

Lapland region of Finland and Sweden, Norway, Iceland or even Transylvania in Romania are the ideal winter destinations to see snowfall and aurora.

1. Lapland, Finland

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Lapland of Northern Finland is a desirable winter destination for Christmas. The guests have the opportunity to admire the super beautiful aurora. Rovaniemi, Santa’s village will be the place to say hello to Christmas and New Year you should not miss.

December in Finland almost has no daylight, but the sky is really brilliant at night. Besides, the entertainment activities are worth to experience such as skiing, riding sleigh pulled by husky dogs or watching auroras in Nellim. Photo: KKNews.

2. Iceland

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Iceland is one of the most favorite destinations in Europe. Winter is very cold and there’s a lot of snow. Therefore, this is the right time for the couple to enjoy the peace and want to save costs. Blue Lagoon hot springs is also known as a promising destination for visitors. If you prefer to enjoy the scenery, you can choose to sail on Jökulsárlón glacier, natural marvels in the end of the world in Iceland. Photo: Nouw.

3. Lapland, Sweden

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Experiences in Swedish Lapland are not less interesting than watching the aurora in Abisko observatory, or overnighting at the largest ice hotel in the world. Photo: Pinterest.


4. Norway

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Even winter or summer, Norway is always nice and gentle. Lotofen Islands is located in the Norwegian North Pole so visitors have the opportunity to admire the aurora. You can also choose to ski in Brasov. Photo: Pinterest.


5. Transylvania, Romania

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Located in Eastern Europe, Transyvania is the famous land of vampires. Especially, the winter here is very severe. However, most castles become fanciful under snow. One place you also cannot miss is the famous Bran Castle in Romania which is attached to the names of the earl Dracula. Photo: Romania To Go.

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