5 Health And Fitness Blogs On Tumblr You Should Follow

5 Health And Fitness Blogs On Tumblr You Should Follow

Many people think that there is nothing but animated GIFs on Tumblr. However, Tumblr is one of the top social media sites where you can find fitness advice, workouts, healthy recipes, and inspiration. There are many top 5 health and fitness blogs on Tumblr you should follow.

One Twenty Five

One Twenty Five is a brainchild of Canadian Liz who inspires to everyone concerning about losing weight through posts on Tumblr. She shares her experiences of achieving her goal as well as offers a running schedule to bouts with CroosFit and the Paleo diet. You can find many useful pieces of advice in your process of staying thin.
Health and Fitness Blogs On Tumblr


Cassey Ho is known as a fitness instructor with many famous videos on YouTube. She also works on Tumblr which she shares workouts, healthy recipes, meal plans. You can find the motivation to move beyond your personal limitation and have a healthier life through her blog.

Health and Fitness Blogs On Tumblr

Stop Hating Your Body

The blog’s description says that we are human so we all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to love ourselves. This blog promotes readers to discuss positive body image related to size, gender as well as sexual orientation. You can submit their contents. However, you must adhere to the guidelines to maintain a safe space.

Health and Fitness Blogs On Tumblr

Funeral For My Fat

The owner of this blog is a 24-year-old girl, Sharee Hansen who has lost over 115lbs. This blog documented her incredible story and also inspired countless people along the way. If you have the same goal with her, you should follow her blog immediately and learn how to lose weight through her experiences.

Health and Fitness Blogs On Tumblr

The Militant Baker

Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO said his company didn’t make XL clothes because he didn’t want plus-sized people shopping in his stores. Jes Baker’s blog became famous from her response by creating A&F ads with the tagline “Attractive & Fat”. In her blog, she focuses on body acceptance, feminism, rape culture along with general empowerment. There are 500.000 views reading her blog every month.

Health and Fitness Blogs On Tumblr

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