5 Animated Films Are Not For Children

5 Animated Films Are Not For Children

5 animated films are not for children

If you think that the cartoons always have cute pictures, colorful background, beautiful character and simple context, you are wrong.


Gandahar is an animated science fantasy film directed by René Laloux and debuted in 1988. This film derives from a famous novel of Jean-Pierre Andrevon, Les Hommes-machines contre Gandahar. An army of automatons who comes from the future, known as the Men of Metal suddenly attacked the peaceful planet Gandahar . There is no horror element, but  the bizarre image and misshapen characters can obsess the viewers.

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Fantastic Planet

The animated film directed by René Laloux always makes people surprise because of the peculiar factor. On the planet Draags where people are considered the animal and even kept as pets. Other people are hunted and destroyed. Draags also have much longer lifespans than humans but reproduce much less. The story begins with a woman who was accidentally killed by the Draags children and left a child. After that, many events continuously occurred. Conflicts between humans and Draags increasingly peaked and war happened.

Fantastic Planet haunted the obsession because of chilling scenes and enormous creatures with the bizarre bodies and red eyes.

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Consuming Spirits

Consuming Spirits’s director is Chris Sullivan. The film is about three residents working at the local newspaper The Daily Suggester. While at first the interactions between them appear to show a superficial working relationship, as the film progresses the audience recognize that each character has hidden secrets.

The space of this film covered a dark color and gruesome characters make the film more awful.

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Everybody Rides the Carousel  

John Hubley Everybody Rides The Carousel in 1975. The film consists of 8 episodes, is about mature stages of human life. The film also makes the strong impression by the strange storytelling and the artistic expression.

Everybody rides the carousel bold the philosophy in the content and abstract images. It is difficult for the children to understand the deep meaning.

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The Cosmic Eye

The director of this film are John Hubley and Faith Hubley. An alien species landed on the Earth and gave an ultimatum: peace of destruction. Residents of the Earth would stand before two choices: sharing resources to live peaceful with the strange creature or expelling them.

The film contains many deep messages about the life and the environment. Despite using a unique graphic style with scribbles and irreducible details, children shouldn’t see this film.

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