4 Controversial Calvin Klein’s Scandals

4 Controversial Calvin Klein’s Scandals

So far, Calvin Klein has had the reputation for bold and sexy advertising images. However, some of the CK ads have gone beyond the pale, which shock the public and hence come in for criticism. Here are 4 Controversial Calvin Klein’s Scandals .

1. “Upskirt” Photo

The underwear ad campaign for Summer 2016 Collection consists of many shocking pictures, especially the picture of the girl from the bottom together with the words “I flash in #mycalvins”.  When Calvin Klein first posted on Instagram a few days ago, the picture was harshly criticized by netizens.

Controversial Calvin Klein's Scandals

Many made comments “this is so creepy,” “upskirt porn is a category” and wondered what Calvin Klein are trying to advertise with the idea like that.

However, there are still opinions advocating the famous brand, said that this ad is “new” and “innovative”. Model Klara Kristin, the protagonist of the controversial picture also voiced to defend for Calvin Klein.

2. Homosexual propaganda

Clip ad of Calvin Klein for perfume lines CK2 posted on YouTube in late 2015 was controversial in Russia for homosexual content.

The clip was photographer Ryan McGinley gay director shot in Puerto Rico. Advertising clip focuses on 4 couples (2 heterosexual and 2 homosexual) but there is only the scene of a heterosexual couple. The other two gay couples stop at affectionate gaze and intimate hugs for each other.

Controversial Calvin Klein's Scandals

The authorities in Arkhangelsk (North West zone of the Russian) received many complaints from people that content of CK’s ad has “homosexual propaganda and pedophilia.” Arkhangelsk authorities are currently investigating this incident.

Law banning “homosexual propaganda” in Russian has been in effect since June 2013. This Act criminalizes the dissemination and advertisement with adolescents about “untraditional sexual relationships.”

3. Sensitive Posters

Among many famous faces, Calvin Klein chose Klara Kristen. She wore a white dress with thin sheer fabric, leaning back in very sexy poses with the inscription ” I seduce in #mycalvins “and rapper Fetty Wap, a close-up of the face with one eye closed with the words:” I make money in #mycalvins”. Two large posters are hung in the crowded location in Soho, New York City.

Controversial Calvin Klein's Scandals

Heidi Zac, CEO of ThirdLove underwear company, wrote to Calvin Klein to suggest bringing down that poster.

4. Abusing teen models

Become a model representing the jeans brand Calvin Klein at the age of 15, Brooke Shield makes this brand fall into the dispute among parents.

Controversial Calvin Klein's Scandals

Besides that, the slogan “What gets between me and my Calvins? Nothing” In advertising shots with the teenage model Brooke Shield sparked outrage because of abusing teen models who have not yet turned adolescence for sensitive fashion shows or advertising campaigns.

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