20 Hobbies For Women You Should Try

20 Hobbies For Women You Should Try

Need to try out something new, get moving, creative, or meet people? There’s no shortage of fun hobbies to take up, but sometimes, too many choices throw us off. Here are 20 hobbies for women you can try.

1. Cooking

 Hobbies For Women

Cooking is a wonderful womanly hobby and art that you can enjoy with your girlfriends, aunties, cousins, mum, grandma, etc. Much most importantly, it’s great if you can learn to cook very healthy and nutritious meals for your friends/family/boyfriend.

2. Singing

 Hobbies For Women

If you love music, perhaps you could even take some singing lessons?

However, if you don’t have the money for it – just start singing at home or in the car. It makes you more cheerful and an absolute delight to be around!

3. Stamp Collecting

 Hobbies For Women

Stamp collecting is actually a very good. Take off the stamps, and then stylishly frame them and hang them on wall. It was cheap and fun

4. Painting

 Hobbies For Women

Whether it’s acrylic, oil, or water color

5. New Language

 Hobbies For Women

Always a useful skill: Every woman should try learning a new language. This is also a good way to find groups of people who also want to learn to speak it with you.

6. Flower Pressing

 Hobbies For Women

You can actually press a lot more than flowers. Entire stems, grasses, ferns, leaves, and other bits of plants and unusual beauty when pressed. You can keep this really simple and press flowers in a dictionary, or you can buy or make a press that can be tightened to do the job “properly”. You can keep pressed flowers in a journal or use them to make crafts, paper, and cards.

7. Shopping

 Hobbies For Women

Shopping for clothes, grocery and fun is a healthy activity for women but men are usually allergic of this habit. Shopping is a hobby and a passion for any girls.

8. Knitting

 Hobbies For Women

Another one of hobbies for women is Knitting. Knitting is a hobby related to craft works. It is famous among most of the women, especially in old women. Now-a-days, young girls are also showing a deep interest in knitting.

9. Reading

 Hobbies For Women

Reading is one of the common hobbies found in all the age group. For those who want to spend time and learn something knowledgeable, increase their vocabulary and communication skills, reading is the best option.

10. Photography

 Hobbies For Women

Photography is a way which brings you close to the nature and wildlife. It helps you to understand the emotions of people. Just take out your camera and start clicking the photographs of your friends, relative, animals, nature and many more according to your interest.

11. Meditation

 Hobbies For Women

Meditation is more than a hobby — it’s a practice. And the practice of meditation is deeply satisfying and calming. Medication has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve depression, and help prevent a variety of diseases.

12. Running/Jogging

 Hobbies For Women

If you are already a runner, or if you run regularly, you know how therapeutic running can be. Running is a great way to escape in to your own world, and to be left alone, if that’s what you like.

13. Jewelry-making

 Hobbies For Women

Sparkly, glittery and shiny things are always a delight for women. What a great way to express your femininity! It also makes men more attracted and drawn to you.

Not only that, but you can give away the jewelry you make as gifts for others!

14. Belly-Dancing

 Hobbies For Women

If you’ve ever seen a belly dancer, you’ll know just how womanly she looks! What an amazing hobby for women. The goddess is an integral part of the feminine sexual energy.

15. Dog Walking

 Hobbies For Women

Dog walking is a fantastic hobby because it gets you out and about and you get to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. You become an explorer, walking around castle ruins, finding things down by the river, and all the while you get to do it with your best friend at your side.

16. Swimming

 Hobbies For Women

It’s great for getting in shape, improving your flexibility, and toning up. Going with friends is great because it’s relaxing and we can have a catch up while we swim. Going alone on the other hand gives us loads of time to think myself.

17. Wine Tasting

 Hobbies For Women

Wine tasting is a great hobby, especially if you do it with friends. Learning how to appreciate a good quality wine is amazing fun and helps you develop a new talent too.

18. Learn To Play An Instrument

 Hobbies For Women

Learning to play an instrument is a great hobby, especially once you’ve mastered it.

19. Candle Making

 Hobbies For Women

Candle making is incredibly easy, personal, and fun. When you’re making your own candles you get to choose the shape, scents, colors etc. You can get supplied from most art stores and even online, all of them reasonably cheap too.

20. Gym

 Hobbies For Women

Going to the gym isn’t just great for keeping you fit, healthy, and toned, it’s also great for socializing and relaxing too. Gym is an incredibly relaxing place where you can work away all your stresses and troubles.

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