15 Beautiful Places Like Paradise In The World

15 Beautiful Places Like Paradise In The World

Nature has majestic hidden wonders that make people always surprised. From the shimmering iridescence caves, to the waves pounding the shore adjacent desert, glitter cities at night … If do not see with your eyes, you will not believe these 15 beautiful places like paradise are real.

1. The bridge over the Dachstein glacier in Austria

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

Standing on the bridge, you will have a magnificent panoramic view with majestic mountains. However if you do not love high places, this may not be the best destination for you.

2. Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

In the Namib Desert in southern Africa, you can find the most impressive high sand dunes in the world. They last until the edge of the Atlantic coast to create really interesting point of view.

3. The island of Skye, Scotland

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

The island of Scotland Skye is famous for wild landscapes which are impressive and amazing. The attractive feature is the thrilling without people with the old castles and blue lake as step out from the mythology.

4. The Twelve Apostles, Australia

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

The Twelve Apostles is a range of limestone cliffs jutting out of the ocean off the coast of Port Campbell National Park, Australia. The strong geological activity and movement of the oceans for thousands of years have inadvertently created the scene as a perfect oil painting.

5. Bagan, Myanmar

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

The ancient city Bagan is rustic, mysterious and magical. Bagan is not only beautiful because of Buddhist architecture, but also impressed by the unique culture and the extremely friendly people.

6. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

Located in the west of Hong Kong, Victoria peak brings incredibly stunning views of the city at night. You will not be able to find an observatory to admire the impressive urban landscape as here.

7. Moon Bridge, Taiwan

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

Moon Bridge is the main attraction at the Dahu Park, Taipei City, Taiwan. The water when shined will turn the scene into an enchanting picture.

8. Cliff of Dover, England

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

The famous limestone cliffs on the coast Kent are used by the ancient fishermen to guide and know they are approaching England from the sea.

9. The Troll’s Tongue, Norway

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

Terrain here is rock protrusion which is formed by a piece of rock broke off a mountain and protruded about 350 meters. The road up here is about 12 km and will encounter many difficulties, but what you see is definitely worthy.

10. Corcovado Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

Arriving at Corcovado Mountain peak, where has the world-famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, we will not be able to have better experience when admire the vibrant city Rio and Sugarloaf Mountains

11. Easter Island

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

Easter Island – one of the most isolated islands in the world situated on the Pacific Ocean. There are no words to describe the beauty of this place when sunsets along the famous stone statues.

12. Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

According to Greek mythology, this cave is home of the goddess, who tempted the sailors to walk toward her by incredible beauty.

13. Fjallabaksleid, Iceland

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

Scenery here has been constructed for thousands of years of geological activity. When standing on top of the highest mountain in the north of the glacier Myrdalsjokull, we can collect entire mystical picturesque beauty of this place.

14. Kilimanjaro Mountain, Tanzania

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

40,000 tourists climb Kilimanjaro each year, excluding the guides and support staff. This is enough to tell about the attraction of this mountain. From a distance, this mountain possesses a staggering spectacle and even better when seeing from above.

15. Cambrian Hotel in the Alps, Switzerland

Beautiful Places Like Paradise

This hotel is nestled in the beautiful mountain of the Alps, Switzerland. It meets the romantic elements, the rugged landscape as in fairy tales.

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