10 Most Expensive Dogs In The World

10 Most Expensive Dogs In The World

In many countries and regions in the world, dogs are not only animals, they are also really considered members of the family. They are loved, pampered and many people are willing to spend large sums in order to own and care for these special friends. Here is list of 10 most expensive dogs in the world.

1. Lowchen: 7.000 USD
most expensive dogs

Also known as “Little lion”, rooted in Germany, Belgium and France. Lowchen is one of the rarest breeds in the world. Only a few hundred records register to breed this kind per year. They are very friendly and have the same mighty look as lion. Medium head, short snout, round eyes, long and soft hair. They can live up to 14 years. Little Lion is usually very fast, funny and also very smart. It deserves the kind of pet dogs which are hunting with the world’s most expensive price.

2. Rottweiler: 7.000 USD

most expensive dogs

Rottweiler is not rare, but they are very expensive, could reach $ 7,000.

Heretofore, Rottweiler was often raised for herding, but now they seem to be very versatile, can perform search and rescue tasks, navigation for the blind, even “operation” with the police or keep home safe. Despite being unfriendly to strangers, they’re very calm and kind.

3. Samoyed: 6.500 USD

most expensive dogs

Also known as the Bjelkier, Samoyed came from Siberia, where they had been raised to herding and sled.

Cute appearance and friendly nature make them become great friends for the kids.

Samoyed is also very funny. Do not make these dogs on protection duty because aggression and attack are not their nature. However, the Samoyed can monitor and keep house well because they observe hard and bark when anyone or anything approaches to the scope of “territory” that they undertook.

4. German Shepherd Dogs: 6,500 USD


most expensive dogs

This is one of the most registered breeding dogs. They look great, very loyal and always protect the owner.

Rooted in Germany in 1899 and was originally in charge of shepherding and protecting sheep.

They are very agile, proactive, assertive and very intelligent, can learn a certain command after just 5 times repeat and do the requirement exactly of 95%. Particularly, German Shepherds are very inquisitive and eager for a certain task. Despite not immediately friendly with strangers, they are very obedient. They excel in the task of protecting and are great choice of police and military forces when doing the search task.

5. Eskimo, Canada sled dogs: 6,000 USD

most expensive dogs

This is the oldest native purebred kind of dogs in North America.

Eskimo is strong and very imposing with impressive appearance. It has a similar appearance to the US Wolf but more curved and shorter tail. They are very loyal, fierce, brave and smart, especially with special affection affectionate and close to their owners. Canadian Eskimo has strong character of hunters.

6. Tibetan Mastiff: 5,000 USD

most expensive dogs

Originating in Central Asia, was originally bred to herd cattle and keep the house. Tibetan Mastiff’s smart, strong and very determined. They are not friendly to strangers so the owner will have to train a lot so in order that they can “interact” with outside more peacefully. Tibetan Mastiff has the resilience because heretofore, they often faced with wild predators. They can sleep all day and have a very good understanding at night. Tibetan Mastiff deserves as excellent “gatekeepers” because they can discover each little noise at night.

7. Chinese crested dog: 5,000 USD

most expensive dogs

Only the tangle of feathers on the legs, tail, and head, the rest is smooth make them look a little weird. But this little dog is very expensive. Our prices can be up to $ 5,000.

8. Akita: 3.500 USD

most expensive dogs

In the world, there are the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. Japanese Akita can be white, brown spots, brown, yellow or red while American Akita is very abundant.

Akita dogs are big, strong and very prominent, and also quite stubborn. They tend to be aggressive with other dogs if not carefully taught. Unfriendly to strangers, but the nature of the Akita is loyal and … is gratitude to the owner.

9. Pharaoh Hounds: 3,000 USD

most expensive dogs

Appear more in Ancient Greece, but in fact they originated from Malta where people here often use them to hunt rabbits.

They may look cute, elegant but also very energetic and powerful. Pharaoh hound is very smart, but stubborn because of the independence of thought. In addition, they also enjoy “hunting” so their owners always have to use chain.

10. Chow Chow: 3.000 USD

most expensive dogs

Chow Chow looks like a fat lion originating from China. Chow Chow has a very warlike impressive appearance with thick fur and a curved tail. However, it also is listed as dangerous dog … Because they can attack their victims with deadly bite. Chow Chow is always conscious to protect their owner and their assets so it’s understandable when they aren’t friendly with strangers.


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