10 Fun Facts About Lady Gaga

10 Fun Facts About Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known as a famous singer with very eccentric, sexy fashion style. She is a talented singer knows how to attract the audience with her talent and difference.

Here may be the 10 Fun Facts About Lady Gaga that not every one of you knows about the “weird woman” of American music industry.

1. Name Inspiration

Lady Gaga was born on 28.03.1986 (zodiac Aries), in New York city, USA. Her birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

fun facts about Lady Gaga

Her stage name was inspired from a song of the legendary rock group Queen- “Radio Ga Ga.”

However, the idea of a “Lady Gaga” was official chosen just because a phone mistake. Her current manager- Rob FUSARI said when he typed “Radio Gaga”, suddenly the word “radio” was automatically converted into Lady. And when he received the response message, the recipient’s name turned into “Lady Gaga.”

After that day, Lady Gaga became the stage name of the singer who has the rebelling voice.

2. Talented pianist

Do not let the limelight and quaint costumes make you forget Lady Gaga’s genius

fun facts about Lady Gaga

She is a real classical style pianist. Lady Gaga has self-taught piano since she was 4. At 13, Gaga wrote the first piano ballad. When she was 14 years old, she had her first solo concert in New York.

3. Primary School

fun facts about Lady Gaga

When was a child, Lady Gaga attended at Sacred Heart Primary School – a famous Catholic school located in the district Manhattan, New York. One of her famous classmates is the party queen- Paris Hilton

4. College Dropout

fun facts about Lady Gaga

At 17, Lady Gaga is one of the 20 young people in the world was able to enroll soon at the famous art university New York Tisch for her natural talent. However, she dropped out of school at age 19 to pursue a singing career.

Gaga has proven that this is not a frivolous decision when a year later, she signed contract with Interscope Records right on the 20th birthday.

5. The first time on screen

Lady Gaga appeared on the small screen the first time when was 15 years old in the television series “The Sopranos,” with the role: girl in the pool.

fun facts about Lady Gaga

She also appeared in the program hidden camera of MTV, show “Boiling Point.”


2013, Lady Gaga unexpectedly “back” to the film industry when playing as La Cameleon in fiction action film “Machete Kills” directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Lady Gaga wrote the song Born This Way in just 10 minutes

6. Lord of the nicknames

fun facts about Lady Gaga

“Lord of the nicknames.” Lady Gaga had a bunch of nicknames as Gagaloo, Mother Monster, Little Mermaid, Rabbit Teeth.

7. Lady Gaga and The Sociology of Fame

South Carolina University created a full-time course titled “Lady Gaga and The Sociology of Fame.” Students pursuing this course learn about the sociological issues related to the fame of Lady Gaga, with evidence analyzed based on music, video, Lady Gaga’s fashion, as well as her wonderful efforts for art.

8. Meat dress

fun facts about Lady Gaga

Meat dress Lady Gaga wore that awards night VMAs 2010 was made entirely from raw meat and weighed nearly 23kg. Moreover, this dress has even been included in the dictionary Wikipedia.

9. Named in Guinness Book of Records

fun facts about Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga had name in the Guinness Book of Records with the title: the artist has most followers on Twitter, before was unseated by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

She is also listed in artists have fastest selling album with “Born This Way” – the album sold out 1.1 million copies in its first week

10. Natural hair

fun facts about Lady Gaga

In fact, platinum blonde hair is not natural hair color of Lady Gaga. She possessed dark brown hair and changed its original color because people had been repeatedly confused her with “ruffled hair robin” Amy Winehouse – a rebel talent has died at aged 27 in 2011.



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