10 Best Known Sports Shoe Brands In The World

10 Best Known Sports Shoe Brands In The World

The logo of these brands present on most of the famous athletes’ foot sports. They pay a lot of money to rent athletes wearing their products with the hope that the fans will buy according to their idols. Have you ever bought the same shoes of your idol with the hope to run a little faster, jump a little higher, or look like your idol? Here is a list of 10 worldwide best known sports shoe brands


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands
The Li-Ning is a Chinese company established in 1990. It is famous for creating ripples in the NBA when it had signed Shaquille O’Neal to a contract in 2006. In 2012, Li-Ning became famous when Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat agreed to represent for the brand. Then, Li-Ning signed contracts with his teammates.

Li-Ning’s net profit 2015 is about 14 million yuan (2,2 million USD). Besides that, the company’s revenue in 2015 increased 17% to reach 7.1 billion yuan.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

Asics is an abbreviation for “anima sana in corpore sano,” which is Latin for a healthy soul in a healthy body. This brand was founded in Japan in 1949 as Panmure Co. Ltd. Some of its endorsers include Newcastle, Sunderland, Leeds and Aston Villa football teams.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

Two native of Switzerland brothers Art and Ernie Brunner established K-Swiss in Los Angeles in 1966. It is the first company to produce leather shoes for tennis. The white stripe on white leather design is a classic. Steven Nichols bought the company in 1986. It’s popular with the marketing campaign “Put Your Spin on It” which allows the buyers to design the color of the stripes.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

Fila was founded in 1911 in Italy. Fila was carried by two famous tennis players Boris Becker and Bjorn Borg. The company collapsed in 2003 and was forced to sell the company to a hedge fund. However, Fila Korea is a separate company. They bought Fila in 2007.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

New Balance was founded in 1906 with the company’s original name New Balance Arch Support. New Balance rarely invests in expensive advertising. Its shoes samples are often more expensive than the competitors because the company maintains factories in the US and UK. People know NB shoes with names as 998, 574, 1500. In recent times, New Balance has really created craze by the collaborative design with the big retailers.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

Of course, this is very famous and one of the Best Known Sports Shoe Brands. Marquis Mills Converse founded the company in 1908 with the original name is Converse Rubber Shoe Company. 1915, Converse started making tennis shoes. A major change occurred in 1917 when a basketball player- Charles H. Taylor entered the corporate office with sore feet. Converse designed a pair of high neck shoes and then became famous classic shoe line that we know today as the “Chuck Taylor.” That was the sample Wilt Chamberlain brought that he scored 100 points in an NBA game in 1962. Michael Jordan was also wearing a pair of Converse when he won the 1982 NCAA finals. Converse is the NBA’s official shoe samples in a long time with legends like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Julius Erving. Unfortunately, currently this kind of this shoe disappeared from the tournament. The last person who wore a pair on the field of Converse is Udonis Haslem. However, he transferred to the Li-Ning brand in October 2012. Nike has owned Converse since 2003 after the acquisition for $ 305 million.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

Best Known Sports Shoe Brands list also includes Puma. After disagreements between Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, Adolf formed Adidas in 1948 while Rudolf founded Ruda. Later, he changed his name to Puma. Two brothers have earned a lot of money before apart because they convinced Jesse Owens to represent in the Summer Olympics 1936 in Berlin. Both became members of the Nazi Party, but Rudolf blamed for his younger brother when arrested by US troops. The two brands have become rivals. The other representatives of Puma include:  Eusebio, Johan Cruyff, Joe Namath and Walt Frazier.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

J.W. Foster and his children in the UK founded the company in 1895. With the initial idea is to design a pair of running shoes with spikes for his children. In 1958, his two grandsons, Joe and Jeff, changed the company’s name to Reebok.  Paul Fireman brought Reebok to the United States in 1979 after seeing a pair in an international trade show.The representative athletes include Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Tim Lincecum and Justin Verlander. Adidas has acquired Reebok since 2005.


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

Adolf Dassler founded Adidas in 1948 in Germany. In fact, the company has an earlier origin, but in 1924 when the company Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik was established by Adolf and Rudolf brother. Then broke away in 1949, Rudolf founded Puma. Adidas basic design has 3 horizontal stripes with the words of the company. Adidas’s representatives are also basketball players: Pete Maravich, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, James Worthy. In addition, present famous athletes include: Lionel Messi, Kaka, Lucas Moura, David Beckham, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard.

Adidas’s revenue 2015 is about 20 billion USD


Best Known Sports Shoe Brands

On the top of Best Known Sports Shoe Brands is Nike. The Nike is an American company. It was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. It changed its name in 1978 to Nike. Nike is one of the leading suppliers of casual shoes, party shoes, and sports footwear. The company’s first endorser was Ilie Nastase, a tennis star back in the 1970s from Romania. Some of its endorsers have been Steve Prefontaine, Carl Lewis, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Sebastian Coe. Estimated Nike’s revenue 2015 is about 90 billion USD. ( 4,5 times higher than Adidas). Besides that, Nike spends about 3 billion USB for advertising. This is an amazing number, far from expense Adidas dare to spend.

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